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Gift Idea – Homemade Beauty Products

So I’ve been contemplating frugal gift ideas for awhile now and honestly the whole Homemade bath gifts have never really appealed to me until I came across the Honey Cinnamon Face Wash (link below) and the author listed out all the healthy benefits of three whole ingredients it takes to make. I must say I was impressed. I’ve been trying to move to a more organic diet (the salt in can goods alone is scary as heck) so really it makes sense that the biggest and most absorbent organ in your body, your skin, get some healthy lovin’ too.

All you need are a few simple ingredients and some pretty jars! Be sure if you’re giving these as a gifts to check for likes, dislikes and – most importantly – allergens! I never would have thought it but a friend of mine can’t be within 10′ of a rose, nevermind having the oil in her products.

Honey Cinnamon Face Wash


Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Not as wild about this one just becuase it calls for ingredients you have to by from their website – but it all seems ‘all natural’ and they have tons of other recipes on their site so if you do purchase some ingredients you’ll have plenty of ways to use them.


Bath Salts

Making your own bath salts seems pretty straight forward – Epson Salt or Sea Salt + Essential Oil of Choice = Bath Time Goodness! This website sells some pretty fancy types of salt (like Himalayan Pink) and gives some suggestions for what type of oil to use to get what effect (relax, invigorate, etc). Not a ton of recipes but I liked how simple it was.


Homemade Shampoo

Homemade shampoo is just as straightforward as the bath salts: Castille Soap + Water + Oil (Jojoba, Veggie, Olive, Grapeseed, etc) = Basic Shampoo. The link above goes to the Instructables tutorial with 10 different recipes using the base recipe plus various essential oil combinations. I’ve been told you can get Castille Soap at any grocery – I don’t know for sure, I haven’t looked for it yet.

Other things I found:

Easy Homemade Coconut and Beeswax Lip Balm

Make Your Own Deoderant - I really like this one considering all the badness associated with commercial deoderant.

Bath Bombs – I’d leave out the food coloring myself. I believe there are alternate recipes for the bath bombs on the same site as the Candy Cane  Sugar Scrub above.

Hand Scub – I think this one would be the most used out of the bunch.

And for all the loyal Bacon-ites out there:

Bacon Lip Balm - I think my lip chewing would only be made worse by this…

Bacon Soap – like ya do.


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